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The R.C. Dening Collection

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Lepidoptera and Odonata collected by R.C. (Tim) Dening from all around the world throughout a lifetime of travel and natural history interest from 1930 to 2000. The collection, amounting to more than 70 cases, is now held in the Glasgow Museums Resource Centre, in Scotland. It features a  large number of Zambian butterflies and moths.


Butterflies in the Collection
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Click on the genus names below to access cases containing species in these genera.
Individual genera may be in more than one case.
The names are arranged in alphabetical order.


Nacaduba kurava Nacaduba
Neocoenyra kivuensis Neocoenyra
Neopithecops zalmora ssp. dolona Neopithecops
Nepheronia thalassina Nepheronia
Neptodopsis fulgurata Neptidopsis
Neptis trigonophora Neptis
Netrobalane canopus Netrobalane
Nordmannia ilicis Nordmannia
Notocrypta paralysos Notocrypta
Nyctelius nyctelius Nyctelius
Nymphalis polychloros Nymphalis
Oboronia gussfeldti Oboronia
Ochlodes venatus Ochlodes
Odontoptilum angulatum Odontoptilum
Opsiphanes tamarindi Opsiphanes
Oreolyce vardhana Oreolyce
Oriens goloides Oriens
Ornithoptera priamus Ornithoptera
Orsotriaena medus Orsotriaena
Oxylides faunus Oxylides
Pachliopta hector Pachliopta
Palaeochrysophanus hippothoe Palaeochrysophanus
Palla usheri Palla
Pantoporia hordonia Pantoporia
Papilio crino Papilio    Two    Three
       Four      Five
Parantica aglea Parantica
Parage aegeria Pararge
Pardaleodes incerta Pardaleodes
Pardopsis punctatissima Pardopsis
Parnara naso Parnara   2
Parnassius apollo Parnassius
Parosmodes morantii Parosmodes
Parthenos sylvia Parthenos
Pelopidas subochracea Pelopidas    2
Pentila nyassana Pentila
Petrelaea sichela Petrelaea
Phalanta phalanta Phalanta
Phoebis sennae Phoebis
Phylaria heritsia Phylaria
Physiodes tharos Physiodes
Physcaenura pione Physcaenura
Pieris brassicae Pieris
Pinacopteryx eriphia Pinacopteryx
Platylesches robustus Platylesches
Plebejus pylaon Plebejus
Polygonia c-album Polygonia
Polyommatus icarus Polyommatus
Polyura athamas. Polyura
Pontia glauconome Pontia
Potanthus confucius Potanthus
Precis orithya Precis   2       more
Prioneris sita Prioneris
Prosopalpus saga Prosopalpus
Prosotas nora Prosotas
Protogoniomorpha parhassus Protogoniomorpha
Pseudacraea eurytus Pseudacraea      more
Pseudargynnis hegemone Pseudargynnis
Pseudergolis wedah Pseudergolis
Pseudochazara telephassa Pseudochazara
Pseudoneptis bugandensis Pseudoneptis
Pseudopontia paradoxa Pseudopontia
Pseudozizeeria maha Pseudozizeeria
Pyrgus oileus Pyrgus
Pyronia tithonus Pyronia


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