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The R.C. Dening Collection

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Lepidoptera and Odonata collected by R.C. (Tim) Dening from all around the world throughout a lifetime of travel and natural history interest from 1930 to 2000. The collection, amounting to more than 70 cases, is now held in the Glasgow Museums Resource Centre, in Scotland. It features a  large number of Zambian butterflies and moths.


Butterflies in the Collection
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Individual genera may be in more than one case.
The names are arranged in alphabetical order.


Gamia shelleyi Gamia
Gangara thyrsis Gangara
Gegenes hottentota Gegenes
Geitoneura klugi Geitoneura
Glaucopsyche alexis Glaucopsyche
Gnophodes betsimena Gnophodes
Gomalia elma Gomalia
Gonepteryx cleopatra Gonepteryx
Gorgyra johnstonni Gorgyra
Graphium colonna Graphium
Hamanumida daedalus Hamanumida
Harma theobene Harma
Hasora badra Hasora
Hebomoia glaucippe Hebomoia
Heliophours sena Heliophorus
Hemiargus hanno Hemiargus
Henotesia centralis Henotesia
Heodes virgaureae Heodes
Hesperia comma Hesperia
Hestina assimilis. Hestina
Heteronympha merope Heteronympha
Hipparchia semele Hipparchia
Hyalites parei ssp. orangica Hyalites   2
Hylephila phlaeus Hylephila
Hypoleucis ophiusa Hypoleucis
Hypolimnas anthedon Hypolimnas   2
Hypolycaena caeculus Hypolycaena
Iambrix salsala Iambrix   2
Idiopsis similis Idiopsis
Inachis io Inachis
Iolaus silas Iolaus
Iphiclide podalirius Iphiclides
Issoria lathonia Issoria
Ixias marianne Ixias


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