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The R.C. Dening Collection

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Lepidoptera and Odonata collected by R.C. (Tim) Dening from all around the world throughout a lifetime of travel and natural history interest from 1930 to 2000. The collection, amounting to more than 70 cases, is now held in the Glasgow Museums Resource Centre, in Scotland. It features a  large number of Zambian butterflies and moths.


Butterflies in the Collection
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Individual genera may be in more than one case.
The names are arranged in alphabetical order.


Jamides celeno Jamides
Kaniska canace Kaniska
Kedestes callicles Kedestes
Kirinia roxelana Kirinia
Lachnochnema bibulus Lachnochnema
Lachnoptera ayresii Lachnoptera
Lampides boeticus Lampides
Lasiommata megera Lasiommata
Lepella lepeletier Lepella
Lepidochrysops hawkeri Lepidochrysops
Leptidea sinapsis Leptidea
Leptomyrina lara Leptomyrina
Leptosia hybrida Leptosia
Lethe daretis Lethe
Lexias pardalis Lexias
Libythea lepita Libythea
Limenitis procris Limenitis
Liptena homeyeri Liptena
Loxura atymnus Loxura
Lycaena phlaeas Lycaena
Lysandra bellargus Lysandra
Maculinea arion Maculinea
Maniola cypricola Maniola
Matapa aria Matapa
Megisba malaya Megisba
Melanargia galathea Melanargia
Melanitis leda Melanitis
Mellicta athalia Mellicta
Melitaea diamina Melitaea
Mesoacidalia aglaja Mesoacidalia
Metisella orientalis Metisella
Miletus chinensis Miletus
Mimacraea marshalli Mimacraea
Minois dryas Minois
Monza cretacea crola Monza
Morpho menelaus terrestris Morpho
Mycalesis mineus Mycalesis
Mylothris rueppellii Mylothris
Myrina ficedula Myrina


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