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The R.C. Dening Collection

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Introduction to Zambian Butterflies
by RC Dening (2000), edited B.Corker 2008

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R.C. (Tim) Dening spent much of his life working in Zambia, collecting and studying local butterflies as a passionate scientific hobby. He dedicated many years to working on the compilation of a checklist of Zambian butterflies, particularly during his retirement. He deposited an unpublished checklist with the British Museum (Natural History) Library in 1979. In later years, he collaborated with Alan Heath, Michael Newport and David Hancock in the production of a checklist to be published as a book.

He withdrew from the book project in 2000 and it was eventually published in 2002, sadly, without his name among the list of authors. (Heath, A.; Newport, M.A. and Hancock, D. 2002. The Butterflies of Zambia. A.B.R.I. and The Lepidopterists Society of Africa. 137pp and CD-Rom)

Tim's introduction, originally intended for the book, is reproduced in the following pages. It has been edited to bring it up to date in light of the changed circumstances, although there have been no changes to the actual information presented.

Charaxes numenes ssp. aequatorialis

Country, climate and geography
General & historical climatic influences
Species and their Habitats
Distribution, food plants and environment
Concerns in Zambia
Butterfly Recording
History in Zambia









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