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The R.C. Dening Collection

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Lepidoptera and Odonata collected by R.C. (Tim) Dening from all around the world throughout a lifetime of travel and natural history interest from 1930 to 2000. The collection, amounting to more than 70 cases, is now held in the Glasgow Museums Resource Centre, in Scotland. It features a  large number of Zambian butterflies and moths.


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The collection contains specimens belonging to 323 different butterfly genera.
Click on the links below to go to lists of butterfly genera contained in the collection.  
From the generic lists, you can access cases containing specimens belonging to a particular genus.
The links are arranged in alphabetical order.

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Aphysoneura pigmentaria Cupha erymanthis Euptera elabontas Henotesia centralis
J - M N - P R - Z  
Lachnoptera ayresii Pseudochazara telephassa Sallya pechueli WB01294_.GIF (685 bytes)




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