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Summary of Career History

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Richard (Tim) Dening lived and worked in many different countries, first in the Colonial Administration in Northern Rhodesia (which became Zambia after independence in 1964) and subsequently pursuing a career as an Agricultural Economist in a number of countries, including Malawi, Tanzania, Somalia and Sri Lanka.

This synopsis of his working life was written by Tim in 2003. It was produced in response to a request for summaries of the careers of Economics alumni of Cambridge University, England. The details were requested as background information in support of a Conference held to celebrate the Centenary of the Economics Tripos at Cambridge University.

The conference of alumni and their teachers, organised by Dr Geoff Meeks was held on Friday 26 September 2003. The conference was a considerable success, bringing together 200 participants, including three Nobel Prize winners and a number of distinguished alumni.

Tim's career summary is necessarily weighted towards economic issues because of the audience for which it was prepared.


R.C. (Tim) Dening 1939

1938 -1946
Cambridge University, Indian Army & Demobilisation.
1947 - 1964
Colonial Administration in Northern Rhodesia.
1965 - 1971
Agricultural Economics in Zambia
1972 - 1979
Malawi and Sri Lanka
1980 - 2003
Tanzania to Retirement





All of Richard (Tim) Dening's papers relating to his career, first in the colonial administration in Northern Rhodesia and then as an agricultural economist, have been donated to the Bodleian Library  of Commonwealth and African Studies at Rhodes House, in Oxford, England.

Tim kept very comprehensive records of all aspects of his working life. Anybody wishing to consult the archived papers should contact the library first for advice:

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