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from friends, family and colleagues.

Many people wrote messages of condolence following Richard (Tim)'s death. Common themes of remembrance were his zest for life and sense of humour. A few excerpts have been selected from the many well wishes, as an illustration of how he was viewed by others.

"Tim's achievements were many and since we are all so rapidly forgotten, I hope you will keep some of his papers to remind future generations of him and his wide-ranging interests."

Lord Weatherill, former Speaker of the House of Commons, a friend and former regimental colleague of Tim's from the 19th King George V's Own Lancers and Indian Army days.


"We always felt that Tim was tremendous in keeping up with so many aspects of life, whether it was repairing the cars himself in a way which would defeat many of the rest of us, or coming to grips with computer technology so enthusiastically late in life.

It is so good to have known someone with such a wide range of interests, and who could talk knowledgeably about so many things whenever we visited. His endless fund of stories of life, from Africa, from the wartime, and about so many other occasions, always showed his life had been one of interest and fascination to him at all times."

William Mellor, Tim's nephew by marriage.



"I knew Tim from squash and for many years he organized a match against the Trojans Squash and Sports Club. He was a great club supporter and I so enjoyed the matches he organized and being in his company.

I was fascinated to hear him talk about 'minerals' and the importance of the right ones and amount in our diet. My greatest joy was when he said cream included 'selenium' and was good to help our memories! I love cream and quote him regularly!"

John Woodcliffe, Chairman Veteran Squash Racquets Association of GB.


"Although we have not met often since 19th Lancer days, I carry a strong image of Tim as the always enthusiastic and energetic one who put his all into all that he touched. He was a great regimental soldier."

Bill Merriam, another of Tim's regimental colleagues.


"Tim was one of the kindest bosses I had during my working life, during a rather sticky patch in my own career. It was always a great pleasure to work with him, and outside the office I always enjoyed the games which we played against each other on the tennis court in Mumbwa."

Ian Peterson, a work colleague from Northern Rhodesia days.


"I don't know why I have this lasting picture of Tim on his back under the car - spanner in hand at your house in Woodlands (Lusaka, Zambia), but he did seem to spend a lot of his time there!"

Monica Gaminara, an old family friend from Northern Rhodesia days.

"....... Then there was the famous butterfly hunt in Malawi, with rotting bananas, much netting and innumerable instructions!

.......... I loved and was intrigued by so many of dear Tim's views and anecdotes on life, in particular his medical theories and ideas about human physiology!"

Dr Peter Jack, former family GP in Zambia and long-time friend.


"On a very sad note I have to report to you the death of Tim Dening, a long-standing member who was still playing squash in his 83rd year. He will be missed by many squash-playing members.

Tim's family have asked me to organise and purchase on their behalf the over 35 singles squash trophy to be played each year and called the Tim Dening Challenge."

Excerpt from the Manager's Report in the Chichester Lawn Tennis and Squash Club Newsletter, Summer 2005.




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