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Images of Colonial Life in Northern Rhodesia

Death of a Hippo

Richard (Tim) Dening was a District Commissioner in Northern Rhodesia in the 1950s. He was responsible for administering an area the size of Wales (20,000 sq Km) and included amongst his many duties was that of local Magistrate and dispenser of Justice.

It was illegal to hunt hippos because they were a protected species. However, a hippo carried an awful lot of meat and so there was a temptation for the local villagers to kill them for food.

One day, Tim was informed that a hippo had been illegally killed with a spear within his jurisdiction, so he had to go and investigate. The photographs below were taken at the scene. The incident resulted in Tim trying a court case.


Death of a hippo - the gathering by the river. Death of a hippo - the gathering by the river.
Death of a hippo.

Death of a hippo.



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